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ahh it's that time again, time to put pen to paper and try to give you a folks some idea of what to expect from this ep. in days where experimentation and electronics seem to be the order of the day, we at miasmah thought it was high time to pay homage to our roots and what better way to do it than with aphilas' instrumentally ill ep. my notes tell me here we are presented with 'two finnish producers armed with second-hand vinyl and outdated software', need i say more? here we have the perfect...
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Topics: Down beat / Chill, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop
by adcBicycle
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One of our most intricately stunning releases to date, the debut EP from Canada's adcBicycle is nothing short of astonishing; a joining of what seems like hundreds of various samples - from vocals to instruments to field recordings - and intensely complex, live instrumentation and improvisation lead to one of the most incomparable and original albums ever recorded. The pure genius and musicianship of the artist reaches out of every tune to wave a big smiling hello to every single listener. What...
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Topics: idm, electronic, post-rock